You're looking at the website for Golden Shoulders, a band from Nevada City, Calfornia. I'm sorry to say it's July 25, 2017 already.
If you want to see where we've played in the past, you can view an archive of our past performances here.

If you want to see where we'll be playing soon, here's a theoretically current list of upcoming shows. Please attend all of them.

sep 16 sat Golden Shoulders, Sarah Bethe Nelson & Rusty Miller, Davia at the Fox & Goose, 1001 R St, Sacramento, 21+ $5 9pm
sep 23 sat Golden Shoulders, Rachele Eve, Davia at PCBC, 884 Penniman Avenue, Plymouth, MI a/a $5 suggested donation 8pm
sep 25 mon Golden Shoulders with Davia at Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 21+ $5 suggested donation 8:30pm (we start singing at 8:30pm exactly, so get there by 8pm and get yourself a drink, honestly)
sep 28 thu Golden Shoulders, Manipulator Alligator, Davia at the Dusty Bookshelf, 708 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS a/a $5 8pm
sep 29 fri Golden Shoulders, Bonnie Jeanne, Davia at The Local Market, 213 N. Main St., Gunnison, CO a/a $5 suggested donation 8pm
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